We didn’t know what to do!  We were getting sued by one of our creditors for a past due account totaling almost $2,000. We were getting letters from their attorney demanding payment in full. It was very stressful - especially since we couldn’t pay it, and we didn’t know where to turn.  We contacted the 13:8 network for help. We had immediate relief as Larry stopped the harassment and began negotiations on our behalf.  No more letters.  No more threats!   Less than 30 days later, thanks to Larry and the 13:8 network; we have “peace of mind”.  Larry was able to negotiate a settlement with Target National Bank (through their attorney) saving us almost $1,000 - and best of all, he negotiated for the discounted amount to be paid over 6 months with NO INTEREST!  We never had to deal with the creditor or their attorney again.  In fact, we just made our first “affordable” payment of less than $200.00 and the whole matter will be cleared up in just a few short months.  I can’t wait to use  the 13:8 network for all of our other debt related issues.  Our goal is to be debt free - and to OWE NO MAN!  Soon this will be a reality – Praise the Lord!   We highly recommend this service to anyone who wants good, sound consulting from a Christian company that really cares and that can really produce results!.  Thank you Larry.  Thank you 13:8 Network!   Nancy & David N.  -  Houston, TX  (1/28/12)