The 13:8 Network provides a variety of services aimed at assisting you in eliminating your debts and living a sustainable, debt-free lifestyle.

Some of the consulting services offered and provided to members of the 13:8 Network include:

  • Debt and Credit Report Analysis
  • Debt Settlement and Negotiation with Creditors (Save up to 70% on your credit card bills!)
  • Employment Opportunity Assistance! 
  • Home Ownership Assistance! (No Credit Required)
  • Low Cost Bankruptcy Document Preparation! (Get a Fresh Start!)
  • Yes! I Would Like To Stay in My Home! Free Home Preservation Information!
  • Yes, I Want More Information about Joining a Homeowner Advocacy Group! I Want To Know My Rights! 
  • Facing Foreclosure? I Would to Attend a FREE Homeowner Advocacy Workshop!
  • Yes, I would like more information about how I can enroll my property into a Federal Lawsuit!
  • I Was Denied a Loan Modification and Need Assistance
  • I would like Free Information About How I Can Audit My Home Mortgage Note!
  • Weekly Training & Educational Workshops!
  • Discounts on Meat & Poultry Food Purchases (Save up to 30%)
  • All Members Receive Discounts on Household Debt Related Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

As your accountability partner, we will meet with you on a monthly and /or quarterly basis to review how your family is meeting its predetermined financial game plan and creditor payment schedule.