About Us


Real People, Real Debt, Real Solutions

The 13:8 Network is an exciting and innovative new start up company that provides professional debt consulting, debt related resources, and educational workshops for ordinary people experiencing debt issues in a real tough economy.

We are a Christian organization who believes the Bible is very clear as it speaks to us pertaining to our personal finances.  In the book of Romans Chapter 13 verse 8 God teaches us a very important spiritual truth.  We should “owe no man anything but to love one another for he that loveth another has fulfilled the law”.  

With unsecured credit card debt at an all time high, most people tell us they feel like they’ve become slaves to their lenders.  They exchange most of their time for extra money just to give it to their creditors to pay rising debts which never seem to get paid off.  Even basic needs like food, housing, child care and basic transportation costs are rising too much for them to maintain financial security.  This is partly due to the state of our current economy, understanding proper budgeting techniques; and having accountability partnerships established to support them along the way. 

We believe that we are losing what God originally intended for us to have; righteousness, peace, joy and and a quality of lifestyle that preserves and blesses our family unit.  Instead, statistics show that families are experiencing the opposite.  They are being torn apart. 

Over 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.   The # 1 reason or cause of this is reported to be financial pressures, and lack of support or help.  

The goal of the 13:8 Network is to be a leader in our community by helping families achieve a debt free lifestyle.  We believe that by following and adhering to a customized monthly family budget, learning frugal living lifestyle tips, and having accountability partnerships; we can help people make the necessary changes to drastically improve their financial situation.  We provide very specific debt related workshops and educational seminars which empower people to make the right choices in taking control of their debt and achieving financial stability.  Our network has sucessfully negotiated service agreements with various local businesses and non profit charities who have agreed to reduce costs of debt related services to help our members achieve their goals of a debt free lifestyle.  We have created an outreach platform by sponsoring non profit charity dinners and special events to support causes that make a difference in our community. 

CEO and founder Lawrence Monteforte has actively worked in the debt collections industry since 1996.  He has worked with hundreds of consumers over the last 16 years and understands both sides of the negotiating table.  As a corporate trainer for one of the country’s largest collection agencies, he was responsible for testing and certifying that each new employee was able to pass all FDCPA regulatory compliance guidelines.  As an Operations Supervisor, he’s held management positions representing clients such as Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One and Target National Bank to name a few.  Working with Larry is advantageous for all clients because he’s proficient in debt analysis, knows how to successfully negotiate the best possible arrangement; and can protect consumers from abusive bill collectors.  He has successfully assisted many people over the years resolve their debts.  When Larry was asked about how he felt being in the debt industry, Larry replied. “I love what I do. I’m passionate about helping people overcome their debt challenges. I have made a decision to switch sides and help consumers directly because I have a burden for the people.  Big corporations and banks have received their billions of dollars in bailouts over the last few years.  What about the people? Who has a burden for the people in this industry?   Many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress.  They are facing bouts of serious depression over their financial situation.  With an unemployment rate that is continuing to climb, understanding how to most effectively manage your debts is extremely important.”  I know that bad things can happen to good people and I understand first hand the stresses and responsibility that it takes to manage your debts in spite of circumstances. As a father of 8 children living on one income, my wife and I know what it’s like to have to manage weekly income against daily expenses in attempts of keeping food on our table, a roof over our head, and basic needs for our family. It’s definitely not easy.  I do believe that we are moving into extremely challenging economic times ahead. The future economy will not be very forgiving to those who are not well prepared, educated and ready.  People need all the debt related tools they can get to help them reduce monthly expenses and stay on a family debt management program.”

This network is committed to working with individual families, finding out where their specifically struggling, and helping them find specific solutions to support them.